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Willits Elementary Charter School

A Free K-5 Alternative

PHONE: (707) 459-1400      FAX: (707) 455-6650

1st Grade Teacher

Jeanette Shribbs

I feel incredibly fortunate to do what I love; to cultivate children’s growth. I have a passion for teaching and to provide children with the skills and knowledge they need to progress and move forward. My strongest characteristics are being reflective, resourceful, energetic, positive, and community oriented. I am constantly reflecting on my teaching experiences to think of how I can best service my students and their needs. I do not hesitate to utilize my resources and the teaching community to seek information, materials, and advice. My Spanish skills provide me the ability to communicate with Spanish speaking students and families, including written and verbal translations. Fostering both academic and social-emotional growth in my students is essential.I want my students to experience more than “going through the motions” of school. In addition to teaching the required curriculum and to the standards, I will create a positive, warm and welcoming community.

I will teach students how to be cooperative and positive participants in our classroom and school communities, as well as how to be productive problem solvers. My classroom management plan focuses on life skills and the question, “How can I help?” Children are the future, and it is with them I will leave my footprint."