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Willits Elementary Charter School

A Free K-5 Alternative

PHONE: (707) 459-1400      FAX: (707) 455-6650

Elective Instructors (Art, Music, P.E, Dance)

Credential not required-Proposed start date August 27, 2012

Instructional Responsibilities
  • Plan, design, and present curriculum aligned with state standards and WECS exit outcomes
  • Address the needs of all students, including students with disabilities, students not meeting pupil outcomes, high achieving students, and English- language learners
  • Collect student work and analyze according to grading criteria.
  • Develop a series of student goals and objectives for each student at the end of each semester
  • Summarize student grades and progress towards meeting student goals and objectives in a written report on a quarterly basis
  • Provide students with guidance while allowing the freedom of choice and independent discovery crucial to the WECS program 
Professional Responsibilities
  • Share the common vision and educational philosophy of WECS
  • Possess a willingness to work and collaborate with others
  • Communicate with parents
  • Actively seek and participate in opportunities for professional development
  • Demonstrate the utmost respect and caring for students, parents, and fellow employees
  • Demonstrate expertise in subject to be taught
  • Be trained in, or obtain training in positive discipline